The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer (often referred to as “The Iron Ring Ceremony”) has a history dating back to 1922. Civil engineer Professor Haultain felt that an obligation or statement of ethics to which a young graduate in engineering could subscribe should be developed.

The Iron Ring is a reminder of the obligation and is worn on the little finger of the working hand by any graduate of an accredited engineering program who has been obligated at an authorized ceremony of the Ritual of the Calling of the Engineer. The ring serves as a reminder of the engineer’s obligation to live by a high standard of professional conduct.

This website will allow you to register for the obligation. You are not required to attend an obligation ceremony, but you must register if you want to participate and you must attend if you wish to obtain an iron ring.

Please ensure that you know your ring size before registering. You will not be able to change it after your registration is complete. Ring sizing guidelines can be found in the FAQ.

Once you register for the ceremony, the Camp One office will check your graduation eligibility with your undergraduate office. If you are on track to graduate, you will receive an email in late February advising of your eligibility. You must be on track to complete all courses required for graduation by April. There are absolutely NO exceptions to this requirement.

Shortly before your ceremony, you will receive an email invitation admitting you to the ceremony. You will need to bring the admission email with you to be allowed into the ceremony. You must also arrive on time and be appropriately dressed in business attire.

Please see the FAQ for further details.